Destileria Barako's Ube Cream Liqueur™ Brings Philippines To The Map

Destileria Barako's Ube Cream Liqueur™ Brings Philippines To The Map

Consistent with their advocacy to use indigenous local products from all over the country, Destileria Barako recently produced Ube Cream Liqueur™, an innovative product that features our country’s fine local produce.

The world’s first Ube Cream Liqueur™ has the blend of sugarcane vodka from Negros province, with full cream, and the star to the mix, Filipino ube. With this new offering from Destileria Barako, ube-loving fans can now enjoy the favorite halo-halo and ice cream with a kick.

Ube Cream Liqueur™ by Destileria Barako

As it is the first of its kind, the Ube Cream Liqueur™ won a Double Gold, and also received the Philippines’ first Product Innovation Award at the 2021 SIP Awards in California. The SIP Awards is the largest, and only annual international spirit competition in the world that presents a unique, non-biased judging. 

Destileria Barako team had high hopes for Ube Cream Liqueur™, but was shocked to get an international recognition, and they’re glad that it came through despite the stressful experience in the production process brought by the pandemic.

For Mr. Branz and his team, the award validates that what they have are worldwide products. They know that there are distilleries out there that are bigger and more famous than Destileria Barako, but they pride themselves for getting awards on par with much bigger company’s.

The award proves that the Philippines can produce world-class spirits.

Destileria Barako Product Line

As of this writing, the demand for Ube Cream Liqueur™ has been really huge. It’s scaling at sharp curve at the moment, and Mr. Branz and his team is figuring out how to manufacture it in the volume that would match the market’s demand.

There’s massive interest from large markets like USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Australia, and Europe.

The Ube Cream Liqueur™ might be in demand at the moment, but Destileria Barako team is humbled by all the attention they’re getting so far. Mr. Branz admits that it is quite stressful to think of ways to meet the demand, but he is confident that his team can figure out a way to meet the demand.

Sooner or later, Destileria Barako’s Ube Cream Liqueur can be the Philippine’s trademark that would go toe-to-toe with South Africa’s Amarula, Italy’s Amaretto Sour, Mexico’s Tequila Rose, and Ireland’s Bailey’s.

Curious as to what kinds of drinks you can do with the Ube Cream Liqueur™? We here at ChoosePinoy would like you to experience it in all its glory, and this is why we'll share with you some recipes you can do with it. 

1. PagUBEg Sa Kanto 

Mix 60ml of Ube Cream Liqueur™ with 30 ml Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka, give it a hard shake, strain, and serve it in a glass with the garnish of your choice!      Hint : ube halaya with flag would be a nice!

Ube Cream Liqueur™ and Kanto Vodka Salted Caramel


2. UBEst I Ever Had

Combine 60ml of Ube Cream Liqueur™, 20 ml of Malibu Rhum, and 15 ml of Makers Mark Bourbon, strain and stir for 15 seconds, and pour in nice coupe glass. Tip: You can garnish half of the glass' rim with powdered desiccated coconut with sugar! 

Ube Cream Liqueur™

3. Ube Mudslide

Put together 60ml of Ube Cream Liqueur™, 30 ml dark rhum, 20ml coconut milk, 20 ml brown sugar syrup, and 15ml fresh milk. Shake, strain and dirty pour in a highball glass, and crushed ice on top to make the Ube Cream Liqueur™ float. Add more personality by topping it with dessicated coconut and toasted cashew nut. 

Ube mudslide with Ube Cream Liqueur™

Want to try your hands in making these recipes with Ube Cream Liqueur™? Visit this page to buy the star ingredient of your drink!

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